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What We Do

Our activities and initiates include events, resources and funding to support young people in gliding by providing opportunities to develop flying skills, meet other likeminded people and gain experience in a safe and supportive environment.  

Flying Camps

Meet other like minded young pilots from all over the country, develop your gliding skills and most importantly have fun! Our camps offer something for every young pilot from beginners to experienced.

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Competition Pilot Funding

YGNZ supports youth who are interested in participating in any Gliding New Zealand flying competitions by helping contribute to some of the associated costs of attending these events.

Omarama Winch

YGNZ is dedicated to growing youth participation in gliding in both the short and long-term. Our winch operating out of Omarama will help increase the gliding opportunities for the next generation of Young Kiwis, by making the sport more affordable and more sustainable.


Youth Instructor Support

Looking to up skill and start instructing? YGNZ is able to support you by providing funding towards the cost of training for your C-Cat Instructor rating!

Youth Insurance Scheme

YGNZ administers an Insurance Excess Scheme to help reduce the amount of financial liability a youth member of the Scheme has in the event of an insurance claim being made at a YGNZ-sanctioned flying event. 


NCEA Programme

Soon you will be able to receive NCEA credits as part of working through the Gliding New Zealand training programme.


GNZ is currently working with NZQA - watch the space..

Youth Engineering Support

Interested in the engineering side of aviation? YGNZ provides opportuinities to attend courses and become a Class 2 Engineer. Get in touch for more information!

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Omarama Caravans

The Youth Soaring Development Charitable Trust (YSDCT) own and maintain multiple caravans for hire at the Omarama Soaring Centre. Caravan hire rates apply along with the campground fees.

Youth In Gliding Presentation

YGNZ and Gliding New Zealand have developed a set of resources (presentation and video) to help promote youth in gliding within New Zealand. 

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