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Insurance Scheme

YGNZ administers an Insurance Excess Scheme to help reduce the amount of financial liability a member of the Scheme has in the event of a claim being made at a YGNZ-sanctioned flying event. The Scheme is available to those YGNZ pilots who have paid into the Scheme for the time period that covers the flying event.

In a nutshell

All gliders operated by YGNZ at a YGNZ-sanctioned flying event will be subject to an insurance excess to be paid by the pilot in command in the event of something being damaged. The excess will vary depending on who owns the glider. Typically it will be in the order of $2,000 but may be as much as $5,000.

Membership Prerequisite

Membership of The Scheme is open to all members of YGNZ. It is compulsory for all pilots who fly pilot in command at YGNZ sanctioned events and is strongly encouraged for those who are instructing or assisting as a volunteer at a YGNZ sanctioned event.

Join the scheme

There are gliding clubs big and small located all over New Zealand. Find your local club by visiting the Gliding New Zealand website. If you're not sure what club to join contact us and we can help you get started. 

Insurance documents

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