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Skylaunch Winch

In 2019 the Youth Soaring Development Charitable Trust (YSDCT) raised funds to purchase a Skylaunch Winch (imported from the UK) to help reduce the cost of launching at Omarama. Launch costs are one of the biggest financial barriers for young kiwi’s participating in the sport at Omarama. The winch will make the sport more accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to afford to do it, growing youth participation in our sport in both the short and long-term.

Winch Pricing

Youth $25 Per Launch

Adult $45 Per Launch

Launch fees do not include Omarama Airport Company's (OAL) 5% levy and landing fee's where applicable. 

Membership Prerequisite 

All glider pilots launching via the Omarama Skylaunch winch must hold a valid YGNZ social membership. You can become a member in a matter of minutes for a small cost each financial year (April - March).

Liability Waiver

The YSDCT is required by insurance to have all pilots in command using the winch sign a Waiver and Release from Liability form. Please read it carefully before signing. The YSDCT and reserve the right to deny a launch to any person who does not accept the terms of this waiver. 

Winch Drivers

Interested in becoming a winch driver? Contact us for more information..

Winch Documents

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