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Easter Mini Camp Omarama 2017

The Easter Weekend was the perfect opportunity for Tim Tarbotton and I to test-out YGNZ’s new Mini-Camp Checklist – it worked a treat! The checklist focuses on flying, food, fun and funding and helped develop another successful mini camp. YGNZ was joined in Omarama by Air Training Corp. cadets. It was interesting to find that 4 of the YG mini camp attendees had also previously been ATC cadets.

Flying was reasonably good over the weekend despite some adverse weather. Three of YGNZ’s internally-generated instructors Fraser McDougal, Jono Wardman and I managed to find some victims to impart some knowledge on (we hope) with a strong focus on classroom work. We managed 16 hours from 10 launches being ‘claimed’ by the 4 students attending. A special mention needs to be given to Sam Patterson who made his third flight in a single seater, which was also of 1 hour 40 minutes duration. Well done Sam!

Food and Fun reached its peak with our second annual Mexican Night which saw the Omarama kitchen look more like a beach in Cancún (well we thought so at least). This was followed by an overnight visit from the Easter Bunny throughout the Omarama Airfield area.

Funding came in the form of the generous use of discounted aircraft and tows from GlideOmarama as well as the free use of privately-owned caravans in the campground. YGNZ made a further contribution towards the student attendees flying expenses by way of a subsidy.

Tim Austen


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