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Taranaki Youth Glide Camp 2021

In the week leading up to this year’s Easter Youth Glide camp, Taranaki gave us some of the worst weather we’d had all year, leaving many wondering whether we would be able to get any flying done over the three day training programme. However, like Jesus rising from the grave, a miracle occurred for the seven keen students enrolled.

Day One of the camp dawned and the sun was out, thermals were working, and spectacular wave lenticulars were forming off of Mount Taranaki. Students old and new got several flights, with two students being lucky enough to fly in the wave. Day Two wasn’t quite so impressive, but the weather was fine and there was some cloud activity with everyone getting three flights in. Day Three saw more thermal activity, albeit with a low cloud base, capping off the camp nicely.

Over the course of the camp we all made great progress on our flying abilities. One student got back up to solo level, after not flying for a few months, and the new pilots are well on their way to reaching that same goal. The camp did so much in a short time and was a skill builder like no other. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I’m sure many students will be continuing their training after the camp is over.

Thank you to all of the parents, instructors and club members who made the camp possible; especially to the Taranaki Gliding Club for organising and catering much of the camp, and Sam Tullett and John Robertson for coming down from Auckland to teach the students. A special thanks as well to the TSB Community trust for their generous sponsorship.

Liam and Caleb Finer


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