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Our Story

Youth Glide New Zealand (YGNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 2006 after two students and an instructor saw the declining involvement of young people in gliding in New Zealand.  

YGNZ was established to bring young people in gliding together and grow their motivation, confidence and flying skills. YGNZ was also established to act as an advocate for youth in gliding.

In 2010 the well-known 10-day Youth Soaring Development Camp was established in Omarama by Roger Read. This event grew steadily in size from 3 youth pilots to 25 youth pilots in recent years. This event provides youth with a safe and supportive environment to make significant progress on their flying skills along with meeting other like-minded youth from all over New Zealand. This popular event continues to be hosted annually in both Omarama and has since expanded to Matamata.

In recent years, YGNZ has also expanded its operations into other initiatives to support youth in gliding which includes mini-camps, competition flying funds, youth instructor training, insurance schemes, a new skylaunch winch and much more.

Our Mission

Using the sport of Gliding to inspire and develop young people’s imagination, character and self-determination with the excitement and possibilities of flight as a lifelong adventure sport or a fulfilling aviation related career prospect.

Meet the Executive

Our executive includes members of the gliding community with diverse backgrounds and careers who share a common goal of supporting youth in gliding. 



James Mitchell



Tim Austen



Roger Read


Exec Member

Blake Wilson


Exec Member

Charlie Irvin


Vice President

Tim Tarbotton



Ray Burns


Exec Member

Sam Tullett


Exec Member

Logan Hoskin


Exec Member

Felix Harper

Our Sponsors

Youth Glide New Zealand relies on the support of sponsorship from generous organisations, gliding clubs and individuals to help us achieve our mission of promoting and developing the sport of gliding among young people in New Zealand.


We would like to recognise the following sponsors: 

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